• We are so happy to announce that the Today book has been translated and published in Swedish! This was a long term project for the very dedicated members of EA Sweden and we are so very grateful for all of their hard work!

  • The Thursday Night, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio group shared some of the ways they share the EA message. Perhaps a good start to a meeting would be to reflect on these ideas and think about how your group does the same. Thank you to the Cuyahoga Falls group for sharing!First of all our meeting is set up to pass the message of hope and at the same time relate stories of our past for people to identify with. We focus on the solution- the 12 Steps. We are willing to go to any length to help others if they

  • Thanks to the new group members in Illinois who suggested we include space on the back label of our Welcome Packet (#14) for the meeting's day, time and location to make it easier for new members to remember how to find the group again!

Your Trustee's Reflections

Each month your EA Trustees will reflect on one of the slogans here.

Emotions Anonymous (EA) exists to support individuals with emotional difficulties in their efforts to live a more manageable life by using the Emotions Anonymous Program of recovery.