• A team of EA members are creating a new EA workbook that will be proposed to the EA Book and Literature committee later this year for publication. The guide is called “Welcoming the Spiritual Awakening Within Me.” It will include essays, stories, and questions to help guide members through the Steps and to welcome their own spiritual awakening.The team is looking for EA members to submit Step stories for inclusion in the workbook. If you are interested in sending a story for consideration please

  • The new EA website has been up and running for two years. During the first year, we saw 171,787 total visitors - 75% of which were new. In the past 12 months, we've seen 177,554 total visitors - and the percentage of new visitors remains constant. This is the equivalent of 564 days of time spent on our website each year. March was a banner month for EA's website, with more than 18,000 individuals visiting the site!

  • We have funds available to help with the cost of the 'starter packet' of materials for new groups. The cost of the packet is $27.50. The scholarship fund can cover half ($13.75) of the cost to receive this information. Are you thinking of starting a new group? Please apply for a scholarship! The application form is available on the website - http://emotionsanonymous.org/literature/new-group-scholarship-information.html

Your Trustee's Reflections

Each month your EA Trustees will reflect on one of the slogans here.

Emotions Anonymous (EA) exists to support individuals with emotional difficulties in their efforts to live a more manageable life by using the Emotions Anonymous Program of recovery.