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EA offers three books currently. Our basic text, how to work the program, and a daily reader along with several workbooks. We also offer all three books available as EBooks to read on your e-reader!


Program Literature

Wondering what EA is all about? These materials explain the program, offer suggestions for running meetings, discuss sponsorship and more.

Meeting Materials and EA Information

Here you'll find the basic materials you may want to have on hand at each meeting. We've introduced a simpler "kit" to welcome newcomers to your meeting (#14). We hope you like it!

Community Outreach Materials

Materials created specifically to help you share your message effectively and easily within your community.

Health Care Provider Materials

Materials that may help health care professionals understand the EA program and determine if it might be helpful for their clients/patients.

Organizational Aspects of EA

Materials that may be helpful to you in understanding how EA works as a whole.

Teddy Bears, Pocket cards & Bookmarks

Soft, huggable EA bears, 12 Promises and Just for Today folded cards and two versions bookmarks with the Serenity Prayer. BOGO on the bears through December 15. Must purchase 2.

Recovery Cards, Pins & Medallions

Pocket prayer cards as reminders of Steps 3 and 7. 30. 60, and 90 day, 6 months, and 1 year recognition hard plastic cards recognize group members' time in the program. Medallions and pins mark key anniversaries.


EA offers several books and other resources on CD.

Literatura en español

EA continúa añadiendo materiales en español. Ya están disponibles dos de los libros de EA y otras publicaciones sobre las distintas emociones y sentimientos.

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